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About Tuleeni

Story About Us
Where it all began

How we started

Mama Faraji was staying with children in her home since 2001 but later on 2005 she decided to start an orphanage after observing that number of children in her street increase so the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and create a very special family to nature the growth and development of the children as well as make them live as a family. The reason pushes her to establish the orphanage was to reduce the problems left to the children after their parents died. Despite the troubled background of the children, they are happy and appreciative of all they have been given. Their joy is nothing short of humbling. They are eager to learn and make the most of what they get. In the beginning the orphanage had 16 children where most of them were in primary school. Later on, number of children increase from 16 to 48 then now Mama Faraji is helping more than 100 children.

Our Mission

“We work towards empowering orphans and vulnerable children through provision of services such as health care, education, love and all necessary children needs in order to return hope and build a better future for the children.”


The orphanage is operated by Mama Faraji under the board of trustees advised by the board of directors. Mama Faraji is the Executive Director, Founder and spokesman of the orphanage. Therefore, the chief executive director and founder is the “de facto” owner of the orphanage. As the owner she is obligated to work closely with the board according to established and laid down procedures in the day to day management and administration of matters related to the growth and development of the orphanage.

Government Support

The fiscal capacity of government to improve lives of the orphans and the condition of their care givers is extremely limited. The orphanage requires monetary resources that it does not presently have and is likely to get in the near future. This makes the orphanage totally depend on contributions from individual donors.

Our Objectives

We undertakes our key function and objectives through the following activities.

  • Educate the children at various levels from nursery to university.
  • Provide equal opportunities to all children by giving them better education, love, encouragement, and any necessary requirements that they need as children.
  • Educate communities about the causes, effects, and needs of orphans and vulnerable children in our societies.
  • Provide a safe and nitrating environment to orphans and vulnerable children, through which they all receive all the necessary provisions for a good quality life, including but not limited to housing, education, medical care, and nutrition.
  • Put the children in an environment conducive to their social, physical, and emotional development.
  • Give the children better education by assisting in the provision of educational fees and costs associated with education as well as working with sponsors and donors to meet these needs.
  • Advancing the quality of life and relieving the needs of the children through recreational and leisure activities.
  • Develop capacities and skills of the family members of the children in the orphanage.
Why us?

Where the money goes

We believe in education. Most children never had the opportunity to see the inside of a school building at all. We spend more than $26,000 a year to send children to school! Despite having small projects help run the orphanage still we rely heavily on international donors and well-wishers.

Currently, we have over 100 children, 54 children living at the orphanage. There are many children who only live at the orphanage seasonally, as they are in private boarding schools or away at college. In addition to all of the kids that live at the orphanage, there are other children that live somewhere else, similar to a foster placement, with extended families that we support financially!

Why we need your support?

Considering everything that we do for these kids, there is no surprise that the orphanage run out of funds. When we have medical emergencies such as malaria, it tends to be taken care of by a volunteer who may be visiting at the time. Many former volunteers host small fundraisers upon their return to their home which assist running the orphanage.

We need more support to continue help these children by sending them to school and universities. We believe that these children are the future leaders. A couple of the original children we had are currently giving back to the orphanage and their community.

What is the greatest challenge

Number of the children increased dramatically and there is lack of funds to cater for the various needs of the children especially food, education and healthcare. The greatest challenge facing the orphanage currently is to secure funds to cover all the children school fees and other expenditures. Our yearly budget is approximately 42,000 USD. We are running the orphanage by funds from donors and friends. 

We have many students in college and university who are studying medicine, education, science, engineering and business. In a nation where the tertiary education rate is as low as 0.7%, it is easy to say that none of these students would ever have or had a chance to get education without your help.

We are appealing to all well-wishers to support us and make these children dreams come true.

How to get involved?

You can make either financial donation or material donation at the same time. Sponsorship can be either to a specific child or children. In case of financial donation, a sponsor can make a wire transfer to Tuleeni Home Bank account or send funds by credit card on our website. For the bank account details please feel free to contact us. Material donations should be sent via postal address P.o Box 8562, Moshi – Tanzania.