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Private Explorers

Tanzania wildlife safaris and beach holidays

Private Explorers, a locally owned and operated tour operator, was established in 2018 by its passionate Managing Director. With over 8 years of hands-on experience as a safari tour company administrator and Safari tour guide, the founder’s deep knowledge and love for Tanzania’s wildlife and landscapes laid the foundation for this exceptional company. Building upon this expertise, a dedicated team was carefully assembled to ensure the highest quality of service for every guest.

Beyond providing unforgettable safari experiences, Private Explorers holds a strong commitment to Africa and the communities surrounding its breathtaking tourist attractions. Recognizing the importance of giving back, the company allocates 20% of its income to support the most vulnerable members of society, particularly children, through the Tuleeni Children’s Home. By funding essential needs such as education, food, and other necessities, Private Explorers actively contributes to improving the lives of these deserving individuals.

Private Explorers offers a unique blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and volunteering opportunities. Whether you’re exploring the iconic Serengeti, marveling at the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, or connecting with local communities, every experience is thoughtfully designed to create a meaningful and transformative journey. The company’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism ensures that your adventure contributes positively to the preservation of Tanzania’s natural and cultural heritage.

By choosing Private Explorers, not only will you embark on a thrilling safari adventure but you’ll also make a direct impact on the lives of vulnerable children through their partnership with the Tuleeni Children’s Home. Every step of your journey is an opportunity to support local communities and contribute to their well-being.

Tuleeni Norge

Friends of Tuleeni Children

Since their first meeting in May 2006, when Anne Sine (Malaika) and Mr. Peter Van Marion visited the Tuleeni orphanage, Friends for Tuleeni Children has been working tirelessly to create a better world for the children. Over the years, their dedication has inspired three generations of the van Marion family, as well as numerous friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, and organizations to join their cause and support Tuleeni.

TULEENI NORGE, operating as an NGO registered under the name Friends of Tuleeni Children, serves as a vital platform for spreading awareness about Tuleeni Home. Through informative lectures, brochures, newsletters, and various fundraising initiatives like flea markets and benefit concerts, they strive to raise funds necessary to support the children’s programs and initiatives. Generous contributions from private donors, companies, schools, and organizations, whether one-time or monthly donations, play a crucial role in providing financial assistance for the children’s needs.

Norway holds significant importance in funding Tuleeni’s daily operational costs and enabling a substantial portion of the children’s education expenses. The consistent support from Norway provides valuable long-term planning and sustainability for the organization. While all donations from supporters worldwide are deeply appreciated, the regular contributions from Friends of Tuleeni in Norway bring stability and confidence in shaping a better future for the children.

The vision of sustainability is at the core of Friends for Tuleeni Children’s mission. By organizing and channeling donations from Norwegian supporters, they can effectively plan for the children’s future, ensuring continued care and support. Every contribution received is utilized directly to benefit the children’s well-being and development.


Friends of Tuleeni Children
c/o Anne Sine van Marion

Tel. +47 412 262 04
Email: annesinevanmarion@gmail.com
Facebook: Tuleeni Norge
Web: www.tuleeninorge.no

If you would like to support Tuleeni through Tuleeni Norge please send your donation to:

Friends of Tuleeni Children
Bank account no. 1506 060 8528
IBAN account number: NO1615060608528
Bank: DNB
Address: Postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021  Oslo, Norway Bank

The Faraji Foundation

The Faraji Foundation, a remarkable initiative born out of compassion and a shared vision, traces its roots back to the summer of 2008 when Jackie Weiss, Eric Nelson, and Amy Viola volunteered together at Tuleeni. Inspired by Mama Faraji’s unwavering dedication and the pressing need for a new home for the children, they embarked on a transformative project called “Help Build Tuleeni a Home.” The goal was to raise the necessary funds to acquire a spacious plot of land and construct a sustainable orphanage that would provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children.

Since its establishment, the “Help Build Tuleeni a Home” initiative has achieved remarkable success. Through the unwavering support of donors and friends, The Faraji Foundation successfully raised the funds required to purchase the land and build the new orphanage. The foundation played a vital role in securing over 30% of the total funds needed for the construction, showcasing their commitment to creating a sustainable future for the children.

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, The Faraji Foundation operates as a 501(c)(3) organization, with an emphasis on sustainability, education, community outreach, and health in rural Tanzania. Their dedication extends beyond the construction of the orphanage. The foundation is actively involved in various education support programs, including renovating Chombo Primary School, covering school fees, procuring essential school supplies, and providing support to nearby public schools where many of the Tuleeni children are enrolled.

Through their efforts, The Faraji Foundation aims to ensure that the children not only have a safe and loving home but also access to quality education, which is crucial for their future success. By supporting the foundation, donors, and friends become catalysts for positive change, making a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable children.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, The Faraji Foundation offers the opportunity for donors to make tax-deductible contributions in the United States. Every donation counts and brings them one step closer to their mission of transforming lives and building a brighter future for Tanzanian children.

Join The Faraji Foundation in its inspiring journey and become part of a community that believes in the power of education, sustainability, and compassionate outreach. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these deserving children.

The Faraji Foundation is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 46-1300200.  Donations are tax-deductible in the United States


The Faraji Foundation
c/o Jackie Weiss
P.O BOX 7314,
Santa Rosa, CA 95407-0314

Tel: +1 (818) 585-2102
Facebook: Faraji Foundation
Web: www.thefarajifoundation.org

If you would you like to support Tuleeni through The Faraji Foundation please send your donation to:  Paypal

Portage Northern Interact club

$2-gether for Tuleeni

Introducing the Portage Northern Interact Club, a remarkable student-led group that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, both locally and globally. Founded in 2002 as “Be There” by a former Portage Northern student, this passionate club has been creating meaningful service opportunities for PN students ever since. Their commitment to service extends far and wide, with initiatives like Lunches for Lives and their remarkable project, $2-gether for Tuleeni, which has been instrumental in providing education and support to the children at Tuleeni Home.

The inspiring story of $2-gether for Tuleeni began when Josh Kieser, an alumnus of Portage Northern High School, embarked on a life-changing journey. After participating in a summer program, Josh had the opportunity to volunteer at the Tuleeni orphanage. Witnessing firsthand the immense potential within the children and the challenges they faced in accessing education, Josh knew he had to take action.

With a vision to empower the children at Tuleeni, Josh returned to Portage Northern and initiated an ingenious plan. Recognizing that the cost of education was a significant obstacle for the orphanage, he proposed a simple yet powerful idea. Each student at Portage Northern would contribute a mere $2 USD, a seemingly small amount that, when pooled together, would generate enough funds to support the education of all the Tuleeni children for an entire year.

Driven by their commitment to making a difference, the Portage Northern Interact Club embraced this groundbreaking initiative wholeheartedly. Each classroom enthusiastically took on the responsibility of sponsoring a child from the orphanage, ensuring that no child would be left behind.

The impact of $2-gether for Tuleeni reaches far beyond financial assistance. Students from Portage Northern also take the time to write heartfelt notes to the children, forging a strong bond between the school and the orphanage. The children eagerly respond, creating a beautiful exchange of support and love.

Through the relentless dedication and generosity of the Portage Northern students, $2-gether for Tuleeni has successfully raised over $5,000 USD annually. These funds have been instrumental in covering essential school fees for the Tuleeni children, granting them access to education and a pathway to a brighter future.

We invite you to join their inspiring journey of empowerment and transformation. Your support, whether through donations or spreading awareness, plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives of these incredible children. 


Portage Northern Interact Club
c/o Bryan Hill
Tel: 323-5520
Email: bhill@portageps.org
Facebook: Portage Northern Interact Club
Web: http://bhill.site.portageps.org/interact-club

Project Junior Foundation

Founded in 2019 by Soraya van Zantwijk, Project Junior Foundation is a testament to the power of genuine care and perseverance in making a difference in the lives of others. With a background in social work and extensive experience as a family guardian and school social worker, Soraya’s encounter with Mama Faraji ignited a shared passion for improving the lives of underprivileged children.

Motivated by an intrinsic desire to contribute her knowledge and skills to the greater good, Soraya wholeheartedly embraced the responsibility of nurturing and supporting fourteen children residing at Tuleeni. Project Junior Foundation operates with a clear focus on providing these children with essential resources, education, and comprehensive care, including insurance, until they are self-sufficient after completing their education.

With a fixed budget allocated to meet the children’s necessities, Project Junior Foundation ensures that each contribution is effectively utilized. Mama Faraji provides monthly reports detailing the impact of the funds and the realization of the objectives set forth by the foundation. This transparent and accountable approach guarantees that every dollar donated directly benefits the children and their development.

Driven by her unwavering commitment, Soraya personally visits Tanzania on a quarterly basis, covering the expenses herself, to assess the progress made towards the foundation’s goals and the individual development of each child. This hands-on approach reflects Project Junior Foundation’s dedication to monitoring and nurturing the children’s growth and ensuring their well-being.


Stichting Project Junior
c/o Soraya van Zantwijk
Assendorperdijk 1
8012 EG Zwolle

Tel: +31 (0)85 273 23 31
Email: info@projectjunior.nl
Web: https://projectjunior.nl

If you would like to support Tuleeni through Project Junior please send your donation to: 
IBAN NL26 ABNA 0525 7792 80
KVK 73977527 RSIN 859730906

Neema International

Mandy Stein, the founder and executive director of Neema International, first crossed paths with Mama Faraji and the 78 Tuleeni Orphans Children during a service trip with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) in June 2011. At that time, the facilities at Tuleeni Orphanage could only accommodate around 30 children. The living conditions were dire, with children sleeping in tattered clothes, six per bed on stained foam mattress pads without sheets or mosquito nets. Mama Faraji had devoted herself entirely to caring for these children but had exhausted the limited resources available to her.

In 2010, with the assistance of volunteer Jackie Weiss, founder of The Faraji Foundation, and Anne Sine, founder of Tuleeni Norge, Mama Faraji managed to purchase a large plot of land in Uru with the hope of building a new and improved orphanage in the future. She shared her dreams with Mandy, expressing her long-awaited desire to provide the Tuleeni children with a new home. Mama Faraji invited Mandy and two other organizations, The Faraji Foundation, and Virtua Foundation, to collaborate on the construction of the new Tuleeni facility. Within six months, they raised enough funds to begin construction. In June 2013, Mandy relocated to Tanzania to oversee the project.

Neema International’s mission is to invest in the lives of East Africa’s promising youth through education and sustainable building projects. The first sustainable project undertaken was the construction of the new Tuleeni orphanage. Neema International played a pivotal role in raising over 50% of the funds required for the project. In addition to funding the orphanage, Neema International secured opportunities for some of the children to attend private English medium schools, secondary schools, and colleges, providing them with a quality education that will pave the way for successful and productive futures.

Following the completion of the new orphanage in 2018, Neema International commenced its independent projects. One of these remarkable initiatives was the establishment of “Uru Academy,” a new school that aims to provide education and support to children from the neighboring village. Through its ongoing sponsorship programs, Neema International continues to empower children and uplift communities, creating a brighter and more promising future.

Witness the transformative power of education and sustainable projects as Neema continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of children in Tanzania. Together with Mama Faraji’s unwavering dedication and the collaboration of passionate individuals and organizations, they are shaping a better tomorrow for children.


Neema International
c/o Many Stein
P.o Box 1171,
Moshi, Tanzania

Email: mandy@neemainternational.org
Web: https://neemainternational.org