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Our Projects

Education, Healthcare, Vocational Skill and Community Development

We believe in education. Most children never had the opportunity to see the inside of a school building at all. We spends more than $26,000 a year to send children to school! 

Currently we have over 100 children, More than 40 children lives at the orphanage and there are many children who only live at the orphanage seasonally, as they are in boarding schools or away at college. In addition to all of the children that lives at the orphanage, there are other children that live somewhere else, similar to a foster placement, with extended families or their relatives that we support financially!

Education is truly the key to success

Better education for everyone

Sponsorship Program

We have helped more than 170 children get an education in Tanzania. We are proud to say that we have more than 47 youth who have successful stories to tell. We have 13 youth in the health sector “Doctors & Nurses”, 25 are in the business sector “6 are employed business administrators, 19 are Self-employed in (Tourism, Mechanics, Welding, carpentry, Information Technology, and others are entrepreneurs)”, 6 are in the education sector “teachers” and 2 social work. Currently, we have more than 100 children enrolled in different schools around Tanzania.

Public Schools renovation Program

Last two years we started renovating Chombo Primary school located just a few minutes from the orphanage. The school has more than 60 years old, it’s in very bad condition and doesn’t receive enough support from the government. We decided to help because it’s the only school that’s available in the village. The school needs more renovations, books, and school supplies. We believe that when the project completes the school will be able to help more than 200 children get a better education.

Top Threes Program

The program aimed at helping the children from the orphanage and nearby public schools perform academically. We teach them extra classes and give them tests every weekend. The top three winners received gifts. Public schools’ classes have more than 40 children and a teacher cannot be able to help all the children due to their numbers. So, we believe by giving them extra classes the children will be able to understand more and perform well in their studies.

Free childhood education

Throng Tuleeni academy and Akili daycare programs we are helping young children get pre-primary education and prepare them for primary school education. Children come from the nearby community where we choose who are unable to attend school due to financial problems. Children are from 2 years to 6 years. The project is in progress and if we get enough funds we will upgrade to a primary school

Youth and widows self Esteem

Basic skills to fight poverty

Youth Self Esteem – Vocational Training (Ufundi Center)

A project targets to help young adults in the local community that has a high rate of school dropouts. We want to help these youths have more options in their lives. We work with the local community members and volunteers to pilot and run programs. We provide instructional programs and courses that focus on the skills required for a particular job function or trade. In vocational training, education prepares students for specific careers, disregarding traditional, unrelated academic subjects where we provide hand-on, job-specific instruction, and can lead to certification.

Women’s groups of widows

The program is helping widows by teaching them self-sustainability. The project started by giving a piglet and seeds to the women in the group. Then the women must feed the piglet (from their own excess of food) and plant the seeds. In 9 months, the pig will be able to have piglets then the woman can sell some of the piglets in order to purchase chickens to keep. They are required to give a piglet to another woman when they can. These women are now self-sustainable and even used the revenue from their pig’s project to build houses.

Children and surrounding communities well being

Healthcare and medical insurance

In 2018 we started a project that will help all children get access to health care. We started by paying health insurance to all the children in the orphanage and other children who are in a very risky area. Our friends from Belgium – Lions Club helps to build a small dispensary in the village. The main purpose of this project is to provide health care, prevention, and treatment to poor individuals who cannot afford medical services
in the village. These villagers don’t have any means of healthcare nearby. Main services are Health care seminars, Doctor consultations, Preliminary measurements such as blood pressure (BP) and weight, Laboratory tests, Medical services (Pharmacy), Medical injection, Cleaning wounds, and minor surgery. The project focus on healthcare treatment and prevention.

This project concept came, after assessing the need for medical help in the village where most of the people cannot afford to pay for medical treatment. After interviewing local community members and assessing the existing facilities within the immediate area, it became apparent that there was a great need for medical facilities that can be more easily accessible. It was found that many individuals within this area do not attend to their medical needs, despite some people being seriously ill. The main challenge is distance and medical treatment costs.  This is particularly an issue for those who may have ongoing medical conditions that require frequent medical attention, such as weekly visits.

The main premises building is complete but we are still in need of funds for medicines, medical equipment, and running the hospital.

Build Tuleeni A Home

Community development

The project started because we were living on a small rented premise and the number of children kept growing so we bought 1 acre of land and built a two-story building that can accommodate more than 80 children. The project infrastructure consists of all the necessary buildings including an administration block, dormitories, library, classrooms, a dining hall, kitchen, and recreational facilities. This building is not only an orphanage but also a community center. The building is in a rural area where most of the basic needs are limited. The project is completed but still, funds are needed to help maintain and repair the project.

Clean water for 7000 villagers

After we completed building the orphanage we could not live there without access to clean water so we decided to start this project. The project aimed to provide clean water to 7000 villagers in Uru-Kitandu and Shinga village. The families in question have to stay without a water supply for more than one and a half decades. The orphanage is the key status of this project as the center found no way out without having a permanent solution to the problem. Therefore, the center was granted a permit to fetch water from Ngomberi by the Pangani water basin authority, and through the help of a US embassy grant and The Faraji Foundation the dream of a permanent solution to the problem has come true. We have built tanks (one of 100,000 liters and the other of 40,000 liters and collected water from near stream river that has clean water from mountain Kilimanjaro.
. . . The project is completed but funds are needed for repairing and maintaining the project.

Tuleeni Extension Projects

Junior Project and Akili Foundation. Our donors Julian and Soraya chooses a few children each and decided to help them separately. Where Julian runs Akili Foundation with 18 children and Soraya runs Junior Project with 15 children. Akili Foundation now is self-funded and the children are living in a different place