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Anne sine Van Marion

The founder of Tuleeni Norge - Friends of Tuleeni Children


Anne Sine is the remarkable founder of TULEENI NORGE, an NGO dedicated to creating a brighter and safer future for the children at Tuleeni. Inspired by her transformative visit to Tanzania in 2006, Anne Sine, alongside Peter van Marion, initiated the incredible work that continues to this day.

Today, TULEENI NORGE thrives with the active involvement of three generations of the van Marion family, along with a strong network of friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Through informative lectures, brochures, and newsletters, TULEENI NORGE tirelessly spreads awareness about Tuleeni Orphans Home and its noble cause.

Fundraising lies at the heart of TULEENI NORGE’s efforts. They organize events such as flea markets, benefit concerts, and other initiatives, while also receiving generous contributions from private donors, companies, schools, and organizations. Every donation, whether a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, is wholeheartedly sent to the orphanage, ensuring that the support makes a direct and meaningful impact.

TULEENI NORGE is registered as an NGO under the name Friends of Tuleeni Children, org.no. 920566744, solidifying their commitment to upholding the highest standards in their endeavors.

Notably, the contributions from Norway play a pivotal role in sustaining the daily operations of Tuleeni Children’s Home. These vital donations not only cover running costs but also support a significant portion of the children’s education. The reliability of monthly contributions from Norway enables long-term planning and instills a sense of security. Knowing that the support will continue empowers Tuleeni to shape a promising future for the children under their care.

While Tuleeni receives support from various individuals and organizations, the sustainability provided by the Norwegian Friends of Tuleeni is of paramount importance. It allows for strategic organization and efficient allocation of resources, ensuring a stable future for the children.

Anne Sine’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have elevated TULEENI NORGE to new heights, touching the lives of countless children and instilling hope within the community. With sustainability as their guiding principle, TULEENI NORGE paves the way for a brighter tomorrow, one filled with love, care, and endless possibilities for the children of Tuleeni.

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