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Education and Healthcare

Education is truly the key to success

Education and Heathcare

We are a proud team comprising Tanzanian teachers, international volunteers, and support staff whose aim is to provide orphans and children in need a safe environment that they can call home. Currently, Tuleeni supports over 100 children (aged from 2 to 18 years old) in terms of Education, housing, sustenance, and medical care.



Our social responsibility is to preserve stability while creating more opportunities for the children of tomorrow. Yet, we are presented with multiple daily challenges for which we ask your support on:

** Educational Material
– School fees (100$ per child for a year)
– Stationary, books, blackboards, desks…

** Clothing shoes, winter clothes, bed sheets. . . (25$ per child for a year)

** Nutrition by integrating healthier food options such as fruits, vegetables, bread, fish . . . (800$ per month for rice, beans, sugar, cooking oil . . .)

** Medical expenses hospital, checkups, and other emergencies (Heath insurance: 50$ per year and per child)

** Sanitary products (soap, hand sanitizer…)


Your Role! 

We understand how the pandemic has impacted your living. The orphanage is mainly sponsored by international contributors and now is facing the same harsh reality and as a consequence, there is a decrease in our financial resources.

Therefore we kindly ask for your active participation in achieving our goals and shaping a better future for our children.


We rely on your support!!

Your gift of 5$, 10$, or even $20 a month, will provide critical assistance when and where it’s most needed. Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size.