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Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child gives life & hope for a better future

Children in poverty are especially vulnerable and face uncertain futures. Every child’s experience is unique but we all need the same things love, security, health, and wellbeing. Your donation helps us to provide a child with ongoing care that includes a safe and loving home, food, health care, clothing, emotional support, and education from kindergarten to college/tertiary/vocational. We have more than 100 children from one year old to twenty years old currently enrolled in different schools around Tanzania.

Be part of positive change and transform a child’s world today.

What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship connects two people – a sponsor with a generous heart and a child living in poverty. From toddlerhood to young adulthood, our child sponsorship program equips kids with crucial life and job skills to break the cycle of poverty. For good. As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child. You’ll see how much you’re helping a child when they need it most.

We believe it’s a big deal to give monthly to a child you may never physically meet but we know that the relationship you will build with the child you support and the impact you will have on their life is totally worth the investment. We desire for you to truly know the child you sponsor and we guarantee they will know you. Your child will rely on your monthly support to attend school. They will look forward to writing you messages, sharing their academic progress, and sending video messages from time to time.

We use a lifecycle approach in our educational programs that focuses on the needs of children at all stages of development: early childhood, basic education, adolescence, and youth. We are committed to seeing each child who is selected receive a scholarship, graduate, and receive their certificate diploma, or degree.


A monthly gift of 40 USD will give your sponsored child access to the following life-changing benefits including:

  1. Education support in public school
  2. Clothing and school items
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Transport to and from school
  5. A path out of poverty through life-changing programs and services


A monthly gift of 80 USD will give your sponsored child access to the following life-changing benefits including:

  1. Education support public school
  2. School items
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Transport to and from school
  5. A safe place to live
  6. Clothing
  7. Daily meals and nutrition
  8. A caring team of local staff and volunteers
  9. Life skills and job training before graduation.
  10. A path out of poverty through life-changing programs and services


After enrollment, our scholarship recipients must maintain at least an 80% attendance rate to continue receiving an education scholarship. From statistics to real-life stories, there is evidence that our sponsorship program gives children a strong opportunity to overcome poverty and reach their dreams!

What does my child receive?

  • Access to life-changing benefits, such as medical and dental care, empowerment initiatives, and education programs focused on giving children the support and tools they need to be healthy, stay in school, graduate and create a lasting change in their community.
  • Support from our dedicated staff and volunteers who are embedded in the community and committed to helping your child succeed. 
  • A personal connection with someone who cares (you!) and the invaluable knowledge that they are special and loved.
  • A chance for a better life free from poverty.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A quick-start guide to child sponsorship along with more info about your child including a photo.
  • Photos and updates about your child on a regular basis.
  • Letters from your child, many of which contain hand-drawn pictures.
  • See your impact in action through updates and emails two times a year. And the option to visit your child.
  • A unique and rewarding opportunity to make a difference.

Take an extra mile with sponsorship

and take your sponsored child to a private school

The concept ‘private school’ means something very different to Tanzania and the rest of the world. Private schools play a vital role in the education system because there just aren’t enough public schools for all the children. In 2003, the Tanzanian government introduced “free primary education for all children” and in 2015, “free secondary education for all”. Both of these policies are an amazing stepping stone in the development of Tanzania. Unfortunately, the country has such few resources meaning all schools quickly became oversubscribed. Most public schools have class sizes of over 80 students with 1 teacher. As you can imagine, the teacher really struggles to give the children a decent education. These schools also have no or very little water, no or poor-quality toilets, and almost no money for school maintenance.

Private schools have many of the facilities a student needs to learn and thrive in class including safe classrooms, toilets for the students, handwashing facilities, two school meals, clean water, and high-quality teachers.

Here are the school fees rate for public schools in Tanzania range from about 100$ to as high as 450$ per child per year.

  1. Chombo Primary School – 100$
  2. Enduiment Secondary School – 350$
  3. Lufilyo High School – 1,000$
  4. Rau Secondary School – 450$
  5. Muungano Secondary School – 450$
  6. Tarakea Secondary School – 450
  7. Jipe Secondary School – 450$
  8. Komakya Secondary School – 450$
  9. Mawella Secondary – 450 $
  10. Moshi Cooperative University (Business College) – 1,300$
  11. KCMC Medical School – 2,000$

Here are the school fees rate for private schools in Tanzania range from about $750 to as high as $1000 per child per year.

  1. Tuleeni Academy – 450$
  2. Kilimanjaro Education Academy – 450$ up to 750$
  3. Eden Garden Academy School – 1,500$
  4. St. Lois Primary School – 800$
  5. St. Urusula Secondary school – 850$
  6. Sangiti Secondary School – 1,000$
  7. Majengo Secondary School – 750$
  8. Ebeneza Secondary School – 1,300$
  9. Edmundrice High School – 1,300$
  10. Scholastica Secondary School – 2,000$
  11. Bendel Memorial Secondary School – 1,500$

“We want to thank you again for your big heart, support, and taking the time to think about these incredible children, we hope that you will join us in investing in the lives of these incredible children.”